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Saturday, February 28, 2015

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Road Show by CCMA on New Labour Legislation
16 February, 2015
Road Show by CCMA on New Labour Legislation being held at the ICC in Durban on the 23 February 2015. read more
International Day of Forests
16 February, 2015
International Day of Forests
Forests and trees sustain and protect us in invaluable ways. They provide the clean air that we breathe... read more
Strong start to the year for Sappi
10 February, 2015
Sappi's shares last week traded at over R50 for the first time since 2008. The significance of that year is... read more
International Newsview all
Softwood log imports to China slowed in the 4Q/14
China is the largest importer of logs in the world and although the log shipments to the country slowed in... read more
Sawlog prices fell throughout much of North America during the 3Q/14
Lower lumber production and slowing log exports to Asia resulted in generally lower sawlog prices in both... read more
Wood pellet exports from North America reached a new record high in the 3Q/14
Asia has become a new market for wood pellet exporters in Western Canada with shipments having increased... read more
Log prices in Western US fell in the 3Q because decreasing log exports to Asia, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly
For many years, the sawlog market in Western US has been impacted by the demand for logs and lumber in... read more
Transportview all
Agbiz workshop focuses on new transport legislation
24 February, 2015
The new regulations pertaining to the National Road Traffic Act, which came into effect on 31... read more
Ford Committed to The Environment And A Sustainable Future In Africa
18 February, 2015
Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA) is making a valuable contribution to the... read more
A guide to managing road safety for truck drivers
16 February, 2015
The Road Safety Authority of Ireland provides help... read more
Forest Engineeringview all
New log haulage manual
16 February, 2015
ForestWorks provides techniques for loading, driving and unloading log... read more
New developments and improvements from Komatsu Forest
28 January, 2015
Logging on
From mini-joysticks to new feed rollers, Logging-on highlights some of the... read more
Fecon produces a new excavator-mounted log splitter
26 January, 2015
Logging on
The Log Jaw Wood Splitter is a hydraulic powered wood splitting attachment.... read more
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Paper: Here today... here tomorrow
25 February, 2015
Paper has stood the test of time and unlike all other technology, requires no software or... read more
OSB-A Highlight of Wood Guangzhou 2015
11 February, 2015
Wood Guangzhou 2015
OSB is widely used in various fields, such as blockboard in decoration, finger-jointed wood in... read more
Grovest gives Shavewood Financial Wings
4 February, 2015
Jeff Miller, CEO of Grovest Venture Capital a Section 12 Company and Jill Holloway CEO of... read more
Environmentview all
Encouraging Results in FABI/TPCP Biocontrol Programme
25 February, 2015
The fight against the ravages of the Bronze Bug Thaumastocoris peregrinus in... read more
Comparative interrogation of the developing xylem transcriptomes of two wood-forming species: Populus trichocarpa and Eucalyptus grandis
16 February, 2015
Wood formation is a complex developmental process governed by genetic and environmental... read more
Genomic patterns of species diversity and divergence in Eucalyptus
16 February, 2015
We examined genome-wide patterns of DNA sequence diversity and divergence among six species of... read more
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