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Sunday, August 30, 2015

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Forest Engineering summer school draws international participation
28 August, 2015
A first-ever, all inclusive forest engineering course is being offered that covers the full scope of... read more
Knysna Timber Festival 2015
28 August, 2015
knysna timber festival
The Knysna Timber Festival 2015 was festively launched at the Premier Hotel on Thursday, August 13... read more
FSC chain of custody courses in Pretoria and Pietermaritzburg
28 August, 2015
This is a further reminder of the two day FSC chain of custody (CoC) courses that CMO is presenting on the... read more
International Newsview all
Lack of domestic forest resources has forced the pulp industry in India to increasingly rely on hardwood chips from overseas for its wood fiber needs
Growing consumption of pulp and paper in India has increased the demand for wood fiber for the domestic... read more
Softwood lumber prices have fallen sharply
Softwood lumber prices have fallen sharply in key markets around the world in early 2015 with the biggest... read more
Prices for overseas traded softwood wood chips have fallen
Prices for overseas traded softwood wood chips have fallen 11% in eight months, while hardwood chip prices... read more
Lumber imports to China were close to record high in April 2015
Lumber imports to China were close to record high in April; Russia, Sweden and Finland increased shipments... read more
Transportview all
Castrol Triumphs in 2015 TruckX Industry Survey
20 July, 2015
The results of the 2015 TruckX Industry Survey are in - and Castrol has been named as a winner... read more
New R45 Million Volvo Trucks and Renault Trucks Dealer Opens in Bloemfontein
8 July, 2015
Volvo Group SA has opened a new key Volvo Trucks and Renault Trucks dealership in Bloemfontein... read more
Automated fuel management system
3 July, 2015
plan ahead softrware
Plan-A-Head's automated fuel management system The Fuel Monitor, allows you to have full... read more
Forest Engineeringview all
Using ones head to fight fatigue
27 July, 2015
logging on
New safety classes recognise when a truck driver is falling asleep. Truck... read more
John Deere celebrates 50 years of skidder manufacturing
18 July, 2015
logging on
John Deere's first skidder was introduced in 1965. The milestones achieved... read more
The Husqvarna battery series delivers professional performance without the noise
18 July, 2015
logging on
The batteries can be used on various professional products in the Husqvarna... read more
Value Addingview all
Sappi sells recycled packaging paper business to Corruseal
12 August, 2015
Pulp and paper manufacturer Sappi will sell its Enstra mill recycled containerboard and kraft... read more
New Forests Company: doing business, doing good.
24 July, 2015
dolphin bay
The New Forests Company currently operates in the East African countries of Uganda, Rwanda and... read more
Toxic waste: Your responsibilities
24 July, 2015
dolphin bay 
Ross Holland of Holland and Associates answers questions for Dolphin Bay Brief on how to dispose... read more
Environmentview all
TPCP researchers release biocontrol agent for the red gum lerp psyllid
29 August, 2015
tpcp reasearch
August 2015 marked the first releases of the parasitoid wasp Psyllaephagus... read more
Mondi signs land reform settlement agreements with KZN communities
12 August, 2015
International packaging and paper group Mondi on Thursday signed a settlement agreement with... read more
Africa to debate the sustainable future of forests
12 August, 2015
Despite the fact that forests are essential to mankind's existence on earth, half the world's... read more
Employmentview all
Slab Driver
Posted: 27.09.2015 read more
Gas Producer Helper : Chemical
Posted: 27.08.2015 read more
Coal Yard Operator
Posted: 27.08.2015 read more
Checker : Recovery
Posted: 27.08.2015 read more
Laboratory Analyst
Posted: 27.08.2015 read more
Hr Manager
Posted: 27.08.2015 read more
Harvesting & Silviculture Development Officer
Posted: 27.08.20145 read more
Grinder Controller
Posted: 26.08.2015 read more
Posted: 26.08.2015 read more
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