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Sunday, September 25, 2016

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Partnering up in KwaZulu-Natal to save rhinos
23 September, 2016
With yesterday being World Rhino Day, 8-year old Vuyo was dehorned at Gwahumbe Game & Spa in... read more
ICFR Occasional Seminar on Anomaly detection using Satellite technology
22 September, 2016
The seminar is entitled Anomaly detection using satellite imagery: A University of California... read more
SPCA receives welcome donation
21 September, 2016
Department of Agriculture
With a smile on their dial, volunteers from the public and the International Association for Human Values... read more
International Newsview all
Brexit rattles RI-European timber trade prospects
Shortly after the UK people voted on June 24 to leave the European Union, the country witnessed a change of... read more
The prices for globally traded hardwood chips fell to a record low
Global trade of hardwood chips have trended upward for 6 years & totaled almost 24 million tons in 2015. By... read more
Sawlog prices in Austria and Germany have fallen to their lowest levels in 10 years
Prices for domestic and imported sawlogs in Austria and Germany have fallen during 2015 and 2016 to levels... read more
Sawlog costs have fallen faster than lumber prices in Russia the past two years
The sharp depreciation of the Russian Rouble has resulted in lower sawlog costs for the sawmilling industry... read more
Transportview all
HINO SA having a good year despite economic climate
5 September, 2016
"Hino South Africa is having a good year in terms of sales when one considers the tough... read more
Revisions being made to Hino 500-Series truck range
30 August, 2016
A number of running changes are taking place in the Hino 500-Series range between August and the... read more
The sun shone over Scania’s historic premiere
29 August, 2016
It was a high-pressure moment in more ways than one when the curtain opened to reveal Scania's... read more
Forest Engineeringview all
Focus on Forestry - April 2017 - KZN
23 September, 2016
Focus on Forestry 2017 is a larger and improved conference, exhibition and... read more
Automatic GNSS-enabled harvester data to evaluate productivity
18 September, 2016
Most modern cut-to-length (CTL) machines used in forest harvesting have... read more
ForestTECH 2016 programme details now out
24 August, 2016
friday offcuts
ForestTECH is this regions premier technology series run for Australasia's... read more
Value Addingview all
Researchers say trees could help strengthen auto parts
18 September, 2016
Trees that are removed during forest restoration projects could find their way into car bumpers... read more
France, South Africa to foster pulp, paper industry relationships
5 September, 2016
With South Africa and France being "well recognised" as key players... read more
Mondi reports solid H1 earnings, despite difficult trading environment
1 September, 2016
International packaging & paper group Mondi's underlying earnings a share improved... read more
Environmentview all
Development of microsatellite markers for the pine needle blight pathogen, Dothistroma pini
19 September, 2016
Dothistroma needle blight of Pinus spp. is a serious disease that can be... read more
Engineering professor using NASA satellite data to forecast forest fires
14 September, 2016
Imagine being able to accurately predict where forest fires might strike - even in the most... read more
Working Group established to revise FSC Pesticides Policy
1 September, 2016
An interest-balanced working group has been established to revise the FSC Pesticides Policy.... read more
Employmentview all
Fitter (Grade 11)
Listed: 16.09.2016
Closing: 30.09.2016
read more
Infrastructure Manager
Listed: 23.09.2016
Closing: 09.10.2016
read more
Learning Consultant (HRL 15U/S8)
Listed: 20.09.2016
Closing: 04.10.2016
read more
Assitant Accountant (HRL13 /S9)
Listed: 16.09.2016
Closing: 30.09.2016
read more
Service Delivery Manager (HRL16 /S7)
Listed: 16.09.2016
Closing: 30.09.2016
read more
Management Forester Project Grow – Manguzi (HRL15/S8)
Listed: 14.09.2016
Closing: 28.09.2016
read more
Health Practitioner (Grade - HRL 15U/S8)
Listed: 13.09.2016
Closing: 27.09.2016
read more
Safety Manager (HRL16/S7)
Listed: 13.09.2016
Closing: 27.09.2016
read more
Regional Sourcing Specialist (HRL 16/S7)
Listed: 13.09.2016
Closing: 27.09.2016
read more
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Proverbs 28.27

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