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Monday, June 18, 2018

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July : Logset presents revolutionary control panels for harvesters

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6 July, 2017

Logset presents revolutionary control panels for harvesters



The new control panels developed by Logset ease the driving of the harvester and the driver can always sit comfortably when driving. The new operating levers have 13 buttons on each handle, which means 26 buttons in total. The driver can hold the operating levers as before, since they have the same shape and size as the previous model. Because of the added buttons, the harvester driver never needs to let go of the operating levers while working and he can seamlessly interact with the machine's control system and crane.

Previously Logset had operating levers with five buttons on each handle. The driver had to let go of the operating handles to be able to press the buttons placed next to the operating levers , says Design Engineer Markus Storsjö.

The new palette consists of a silicone mat with lit buttons. The silicone mat protects the buttons from moisture and dirt, and it is easy to replace if the symbols on the buttons are worn out. All buttons on the silicone mat are unique. This way the driver can feel which button is which without looking at them.

Both palettes have a lever that the driver can steer with his little finger without letting go of the operating lever. The lever on the right palette is for frame steering and the lever on the left palette is for optional functions like controlling the crane or steering the bulldozer blade.

We have also listened to our customers wishes regarding the potentiometer. Now it has better protection so the driver's clothing won't get caught in it so easily , Storsjö tells.

Forest machine drivers have different ways of driving. Some like to hold the operating levers from the side, while others like to hold them from above. The wrist support is adjustable. The driver can first adjust the wrist support to suit the height of the arm rest, then adjust the palette with the operating levers and buttons on a comfortable height.

Surprising development process

When Storsjö started designing new operating levers for the Logset harvesters he tested about 50 different models by printing them with a 3D printer. The original plan was to find a nice rounded shape on the operating lever that would fit the hand well.

After all the work I had done, I felt almost sad to notice that the old design on the operating levers was almost perfect. The design has edges, but it fits like it should in the hand. The operating lever should have edges so that the hand gets a good grip and can easily feel where the buttons are. Since the old design on the operating lever was the best I just had to figure out how to fit more than five buttons on it , Storsjö laughs.

Source: Logset

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