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Monday, May 21, 2018

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June : Thank you for the positve response

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8 June, 2017

Thank you for the positve response

Thank you customers

In light of the recent environmental compliance letters received by the industry, Dolphin Bay has initiated an assistance process in partnership with our own environmental consultants, Holland & Associates Environmental Consultants.

This also fulfils Principal 3 of the Dolphin Bay Quality Pledge Programme.

We would like to thank our clients for their positive and enthusiastic response to news of the service. Many of our clients have opted to make use of it, and Ross Holland, along with a Dolphin Bay sales executive, is now in the process of visiting these plants.

This service aims to make it as easy and cost-effective as possible for treaters to ensure the environmental compliance of their plants. Our role in the partnership is to facilitate Ross Holland's visits to our clients, whom we are grouping together by area so that Ross can visit several plants per trip.

"This response is a demonstration of a pro-active attitude in our industry," says Bertus. "It is also an example of how business relationships based on trust are enabling us to work together to bring you the peace of mind knowing that your plant is compliant, and to address potential problems as efficiently, and professionally, as possible, should they exist."

Source: Dolphin Bay Chemicals

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