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Monday, August 8, 2022

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CSIR Articles : Identification of PCR-base markers linked to wood splitting in Eucalyptus Grandis

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Wood splitting is a defect in eucalyptus which results in considerable losses when converting logs to solid wood products. Commonly in forestry, molecular markers are identified through studying pedigrees from a single cross. This limits the application of these markers to that population. The authours report the identification of putative molecular markers linked to wood splitting in an open-pollinated Eucalyptus grandis population. Although the power to detect molecular markers in this population is low, the resultant markers are likely to be more robust and be transferred to non-related populations. Bulked segregate analysis was used in the identification of markers from high and low splitting individuals that were selected by means of backward selection using Best Linear Prediction. The bulks were screened for differences using amplified fragment length polymorphic and random amplified polymorphic DNA primers. Following regression analysis one putative sequence characterized amplified region has been linked to splitting.  

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