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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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Lottenburg Edu-Farm CC
Lottenburg Edu-Farm
Contact Person : Deon Brits Jnr
Telephone : (017) 826 0230
Fax : 086 696 7937
Cell : 084 964 9139
Website :
E-mail :
Province : Mpumalanga
Country : South Africa
Postal Address : P.O. Box 1811, Piet Retief, 2380
Physical Address : 16 Pretorius Street, Piet Retief, 2380
Categories listed in :
Training Courses; Airstrip loading crew training; Chemical Weed Control - Operational; Fire Crew Leader Training; Fire Fighting Training; Fire initial attack fire suppression; Fire lookout guards; Fire prototeam; First aid levels 1 / 2 / 3; Forestry Training; Harvesting supervisor training; Maintenance: Chainsaw - chain & guide bar; Operator Training: Bell; Operator Training: Brushcutter; Operator Training: Cable Skidder; Operator Training: Cable Yarder; Operator Training: Chainsaw; Operator Training: Chainsaw felling techniques; Operator Training: Chemical Spraying; Operator Training: Chokerman; Operator Training: Clearing Saw; Operator Training: Cranes; Operator Training: Defensive / Advanced Driving Skills; Operator Training: Driver (basic); Operator Training: Loader; Operator Training: Skidder; Operator Training: Tractor; Silviculture supervisor training; Silviculture Training; Weed Control Training;

Company Profile

Proudly serving the Forestry Industry since 1996, we are one of the oldest private training providers in the industry. Lottenburg Edu-Farm comes from a rich history within the forestry and skills training environment.

With Deon Brits Snr and Deon Brits Jnr both as qualified Foresters at the steer of things, you can be assured that the courses are relevant and backed by experience.

We focus on on-site skills training for existing operations. Our courses covers the spectrum of General Forestry, Silviculture, Fire-Fighting, Harvesting , Extraction & Transport, including, but not limited to:

  • First Aid
  • Health & Safety Reps
  • Fire-Fighting
  • Silviculture Machine Operators
  • Excavator Pitters
  • Planting Trailers
  • Boom Sprayers
  • Weed Control
  • Brush-Cutters
  • Clearing Saws
  • Pole Pruners
  • Blower Operators
  • Chainsaw Operator
  • Bell Operator
  • Skidder Operator
  • Cable Yarder
  • Shovel Yarder
  • Skyline
  • Light Motor Vehicle
  • Heavy Motor Vehicle
  • Tractor Driver

Centrally based in the Forestry Region of South Africa in the town of Piet Retief, our client base ranges from Northern KZN throughout the rest of Mpumalanga and also stretches in up into Africa having successfully conducted training in Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Uganda and Southern Sudan.

We look forward to being able to provide you with professional and efficient service!

Company Products

Lottenburg Edu-Farm specializes in but is not limited to the following short courses:


  • Coppice Reduction 1st & 2nd
  • Herbicide/Insecticide Safety
  • Weed Control for Knapsack Sprayers
  • Silviculture Supervisor
  • Brush-cutter Operator
  • Clearing Saw Operator
  • Pole Pruner Operator (Pruning & 2nd Coppice Reduction)
  • Handheld Auger
  • Silviculture Machine Operators
  • Excavator Pitters (MPAT)
  • Planting Trailers


  • Basic Fire-Fighting (Forestry)
  • Basic Fire-Fighting (Industrial)
  • Forestry Prototeam
  • Airstrip Crews
  • Lookout Guard
  • Fire-Fighting for Crew Leaders
  • Blower use in Fire Management


  • Chainsaw Operator
  • Chainsaw Operator - Specialised Techniques
  • Chainsaw Operator Assistant
  • Axemanship/Hatchet Handling
  • Chainsaw Operator Appreciation
  • Mechanical De-Barker Operator
  • Harvesting Supervisor


  • Bell Tri-Wheeler Operator
  • Excavator Operator (Timber Grapple)
  • Skidder Operator
  • Forwarder Operator
  • Cable Yarder Operator


  • Driver Assessment
  • Forestry Specific Driving Skills
  • Vehicle Sympathy


  • First Aid - Level 1&2 DOL Approved
  • Health & Safety Representative
  • Basic Principles of Supervision

At Lottenburg Edu-Farm we pride ourselves in the tailor-making of our courses in order to adapt to the different needs of our clients.
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